How does a caterer confirm my order and how quickly will I know if they can do it?

After you submit your order through CaterCow, the order details gets sent to the caterer via email and text. They are then able to look at the order to make sure they can accommodate it. 

Typically caterers respond to order requests on average within about 60 minutes of receiving the order (some even respond in less than 5 minutes, but depending on the time of day, or if it's a lunch rush, it could be a bit longer). As soon as the caterer confirms an order, or lets us know they cannot accommodate an order (the latter doesn't happen often) you'll receive an email confirmation. This way you won't have to keep checking or guessing if it's been confirmed!

If we don't hear from the caterer within a reasonable time frame, we'll start bugging them to let us know if they can accommodate. As added assurance for all orders, we re-confirm every order with the caterer the day before the event date to make sure all is on track!

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