Should I order for the time my event starts or when I want the Caterer to arrive?

Please order for the time you want the food dropped off, not when your event starts. Some caterers take longer to set up depending on the nature of what you order and for how many people (the larger the order, usually the longer the setup time). Please also keep in mind that due to the variable nature of traffic and other minor issue's that can arise from time to time, we provide the caterer with a small 15-minute delivery window to allow time to access the building, find parking and get through security or deal with minor traffic. ie. if your event is for 25 people and starts at 12pm, you can typically order for 11:45am delivery (the caterer will arrive as close to 11:45am as possible, but we'll give them a window of 11:30am-11:45am, to provide a small buffer of time). We appreciate your understanding!  

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