How do I use CaterCow?

CaterCow is an online marketplace where you can find delicious catering options from vendors that have gone through our multi-step verification process to ensure quality and reliability. Ordering is simple, and all packages are priced per person to take the guesswork out of figuring out how much to order for your event! 
1. Head on over to and enter your event delivery address, event date, delivery time and your headcount (or your best guess as you can always change it later) and then press the red "Search" button to see the packages available to deliver to your address.
2. If you know you'd like a specific cuisine, you can now use the search filters to narrow down your results. ie. Mexican, Sandwiches & Wraps, or even filter by "new" or individually wrapped packages.
3. Once you've found a package you like, clicking the specific package link located below it's main picture will bring you to the package details page where you can read more about the package, what's included, as well as information that will help you make an informed decision!
4. When you've found the package you want, you can click the yellow "Customize & Order" button while on the package details page. If you haven't already signed up for a free account, you'll do so here. 
5. After you've signed up click the yellow "Customize & Order" button, you're brought to the checkout page where you'll decide on the options (if applicable to the package) by copying and pasting from the "show choices" button, directly into the "Choices" text box. This is a lot easier than it sounds!
6. Don't forget to provide your company name if applicable, suite, floor or building number and to provide a contact number to ensure smooth delivery. 
7. Enter your payment information, click submit and voila! You've just submitted a catering order. 
8. We then send the order to the caterer for confirmation. As soon as they confirm the order, or let us know they can't take the order (this doesn't happen often), we send you an email letting you know, so you never have to guess about your order status. 
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